Outlawed!? No problem, Delta-8 THC to the Rescue! The new psychoactive fad in the CBD/Cannabis world

Ok, so it has been a while since my last post. I’ve Been a little busy, But I could not have found a better time and topic to write about than the current reigning king – none other than Delta 8! Since being one of the first to manufacture and sell Delta 8 products in the US, It has given me much to write about. The trial period has been duly noted and the stats are in!

Delta-8 THC is the shiny new must-try-and-have in the CBD-Hemp world. For those looking to get high, this analog ‘cousin’ of the well-known psychoactive delta-9 THC allows the user a high in a gentler way. The reported consensus of users is that delta-8 THC imparts a less potent, smooth buzz without the after-shock of nerves or paranoia, experienced by some that get their recreational highs off traditionally curated psychoactive THC.

The chemistry of delta-8 THC is quite similar to delta-9 THC. In scientific terms, the molecular structure of these two chemicals are known as isomers, where the difference lies not in the number of atoms, but in the arrangement, of one double bond to a carbon.

A study conducted in 1995 using both types of THC on children with cancer, showed the chemical behavior and metabolism pathways match. However, delta-8 THC is half as potent yet more stable, remaining in its true chemical state, with its long shelf life in comparison to delta-9 THC, that oxidizes to cannabinol. This is also a major plus in the longevity and consistency in the products effectiveness.

Delta-8 THC has one foot in each of the hemp and marijuana worlds. Dr. Peter Greenspoon at Harvard Medical School says, ‘a huge expectation of people with CBD was feeling something, and Delta-8 provides that.’ As a byproduct of the hemp plant, delta-8 THC serves both medicinally and recreationally and the high is felt as less sedative allowing the user functionality. These palatable consumption properties may well be just some of the reasons this analog THC has blossomed in popularity amongst consumers only just this past year. I have noted in my “ledger” that more and more consumers consuming Delta-9 THC have switched over to Delta-8 THC because they have the ability to continue to function in the day to day, all while simultaneously feeling that “high” & happy feeling. It’s a win win.

As delta-8 THC is derived from the hemp plant, and the 2018 federal government’s Farm Bill covers the legal sales of hemp and hemp derivatives, in 38 states, most of which have also not yet legalized marijuana, delta-8 THC is ‘maybe legal’. The federal government still considers marijuana as a drug, ‘illegal and highly dangerous’, however, marijuana is legal medicinally in 36 states and legal recreationally in 14 states. Well… now 15 states! Wink wink New York😊 Currently, the Farm Bill is the legal ‘loophole’ that is being touted as the way for sales of this type of THC to occur. Delta-9 THC is generally curated from the marijuana plant where it exists in high concentrations, and thus, its legality is a different story. Its high THC concentration and source defines it as marijuana and does not allow it to be covered under the Farm Bill.

Cannabis entrepreneurs have ever so smartly been able to capitalize on delta-8 THC through market angles on its unique consumer accepted properties. As well as opportunism on its current overall legal safety, due to the legal grey areas on recreational cannabis, possibly the biggest reason why delta-8 THC sales have bloomed since the first online retailer took hold of its sales in September 2019. Chief Financial Officer, Ian Laird of the hemp and cannabis market tracking company, New Leaf Data Services, had verified that delta-8 THC sales is the ‘fastest growing segment of hemp derived products’ that had skyrocketed ‘out of nowhere’ in consumer sales of $10 million plus across the United States within this past year. Currently, delta-8 THC may be considered ‘fully legal’ in some states and ‘likely legal’ in others. Smart entrepreneurs are clearly defining this tricky legal landscape for their consumers, for ease of mind in purchasing.

The sourcing and processing of delta-8 THC plays a role in its legality as well. If sourced from hemp plants, it is legal (in states that allow sales of hemp and its derivatives per the Farm Bill), and if sourced from the marijuana plant, it is illegal. Also, the Drug and Enforcement Administration suggests that there is a possibility of delta-8 THC being illegal if it is not derived organically. As delta-8 THC exists in a very small percentage in hemp plants, at 1% or less, the common practice to produce a decent amount involves extraction, isolation, and refinement. This could mean sourcing by a more cost-effective synthetic alteration of the cannabinoid into delta-8 THC. Regardless, labs have difficulty in correctly identifying how delta-8 THC may have been sourced. In addition, filtering all the delta-9 THC out is a process, that can be tricky to do, but once again, regardless, labs have difficulty in determining delta-8 THC from delta-9 THC in a sample.

There are some well-reputed producers of delta-8 THC that most pharmacies or entrepreneurs will purchase in bulk from and then re-brand. Here at EndoMen we are proud to be one of these high-quality Delta-8 producers. In the end of all this processing and due diligence to maintain purity of production, delta-8 THC remains significantly cheaper than the illegal delta-9 THC. Still some entrepreneurs are wary of making an investment towards this still rather new advent in the CBD world in case of laws that loom as possibility in the future. The Drug and Enforcement Administration is in process of determining control over marijuana, tetrahydrocannabinols and marijuana-related constituents, seeing that delta-8 THC is an analog ‘cousin’, it may take time and there is no sure answer yet as to its future remaining legal or not.

The CBD, marijuana legal landscape is tricky and ever-shifting, and for delta-8 THC entrepreneurs and consumers riding this happy wave, and in the future, the Drug and Enforcement Administration may be a power to be reckoned with. Right now, delta-8 THC definitely serves as a bridge to a new set of consumers seeking medicinal and gentle recreational benefits. And it is a bridge to motivate entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry to expand research on CBD constituents, as the emergence of new constituents may be a source for new markets. Like the advent of CBD to the cannabis industry, delta-8 THC could very well be a game changer. And, despite its success this past year, it’s livelihood in the market could be brief like a shooting star. Well, hey, in the meantime…, why not come along for this happy ride? Here in New York at least, and through EndoMen, delta-8 THC is legally safe, provides a soft and smooth psychoactive high, and is definitely the new sexy in CBD-Cannabis!

Although now Delta-9 THC is recreationally legal in NY, I do believe that Delta-8 is here to stay and thrive. The market for these products, that we so strictly produce and manufacture, has been growing at a fast pace, and is also coveted pleasure among the intelligent consumers. Delta-8 all day!

written by Aaron Ronnie Almani & Alisha Shanti Chauhan