Giving The People's Health Back to The People

OK, so some of you have  approached me this past week since grand opening of our retail division flagship and asked what exactly is  the meaning behind this work of art that we have hanging on our Soho flagship wall. I chose this topic for my first blog post on because the meaning of what I’m about to tell you has great value and signifies an enormous leap forward for mankind and betterment of our lives, our health and those that surround us. Well, to answer this question briefly, I would give the short answer which is a set of numbers “6,630,507”. These numbers pertain to a specific patent filed with the U.S Patent office and belong to the FDA....What exactly do these numbers mean? Well, here comes the long answer… 


About a year ago, I got word of some wild information that absolutely blew my mind with the weight that it holds. Keep in mind, I’m not disclosing top secret information here, but the fact remains that most people are not aware of what I’m about to tell you. In 1999 the FDA filed a patent (patent #6,630,507), this patent prevents any pharmaceutical company from ever using any cannabinoid from the Cannabis leaf in a prescription drug, without the licensed approval of the FDA. This means that United States government has full control of who uses these chemical compounds from the leaf and in what they use it for. This means that the FDA has our back and wants the American people to take back their health into their own hands. Seemingly, the FDA would like the average person to have the freedom to control their own care and wellness and not be reliant on what any one company tells you that their “drug” can do for you. I do believe that this signifies what America stands for, and always has stood for - caring for One another, despite how often its “seemingly” the opposite. But this also means that in 1999 the FDA already knew the miraculous medicinal wonders of the chemical compounds found in the Cannabis leaf, before the pharmaceutical companies did. To the extent that they filed a full patent on ALL the cannabinoids and not just the one we are familiar with, CBD. Now, I’m not just talking about the high we get from the female plant, we’ve all known about this since Adam and Eve were a thing. I am strictly talking about the vast amount of “assumed” medicinal benefits. I don’t know about you, but to me this is amazing.


So just to reiterate, for those of you just jumping on the CBD, Hemp or Cannabis wagon...Cannabis is  plant species, and in the cannabis plant species there are two main plants “Hemp” (The Male Plant) & “Marijuana” (The female Plant). Hemp, naturally, has greater amounts of CBD and less amount of THC and the “Marijuana” leaf is the polar opposite, in that regard. But both plants have very similar chemical compound molecular structures, and there’s also major health benefits in THC…But we’ll leave that for a later date. Now CBD is only 1 of the main chemical compounds from the over 120 cannabinoids which are extracted from the leaf. And just to remind you with this new bit of information that you now share with me, The FDA owns all of them! Rightfully so. Thank you, FDA, America and the human race salutes you.


Now, what does this mean for the pharma companies? I think its great for them too. I think that this is the perfect opportunity for those pharma companies wanting to define themselves with good old hard research, trials and case study so that they too can help make the world a better place. Imagine if all the pharma companies would collab together in a joint effort to carry extensive research into the many cannabinoids’ that have been unresearched or haven’t been researched at all yet. Imagine all the pharma companies coming together with one main goal in mind. People’s health. Maybe develop products that are better suited to meet the needs of an ever-growing species (human race) interested in extending the longevity of there time here on earth. Pharma for the current human standards. Call me a dreamer, but I’d put my money on those companies. So many possibilities and endless opportunities for healthy growth both as a nation, and as humans. There are many more implications of what this means (all of them positive), probably to many to name here and I have to end my day and some point, but we are always interested  to hear your thoughts on this and anything else related, so please feel free to email us at In addition, we will soon have a platform for which you will be able to find answers on this and many more questions. Follow us on social @shopendomen to stay updated.

There are many elements in this drawing (some obvious, some not so obvious) that correspond to this story, but I won’t give everything away. Look and enjoy, feel free to stop by our flagship if you’re in town to check it out, as well.  

The “We” in #weareendomen Stands for All of us. Not just my company or those related. We all have a better opportunity today, than we did yesterday, to create a better world for ourselves and those around us. EndoMen stands proud to help in this process.


Now this little part of the blog Has great value and meaning for me. Paying tribute to a super super super (Don’t have enough room on the page for more “super”s) talented human being. One of the most talented individuals which I have had the honor to be friends with for over a decade. Roma Jade Sherlock – But call her Roma Jade. First time I saw her draw something, I already new at the stroke of her pencil this girl is #TALENT. It’s one of those few and far in between emotions you get when you witness someone that has magic. All her drawings, sketches and tattoos are imagined, drawn and made by her. Imagination to pencil. Her works of art are also vast they vary. Destined for Greatness. Definitely. The day, very soon (if not already here), will come that I can tell you “I told you so Roma!” @romajadetatoos All love girl. And since it’s my birthday as of 21 minutes ago, would not have rather spent these last 21 min any other way😊


Written by Ronnie Alman

Art by: Roma Jade Sherlock